5 Must Have New-Home Upgrades

There comes a time in everyone’s life where you must leave the nest. One of the hardest parts is gaining the confidence to make this new place YOUR OWN. With so much space to fill and so many decorating decisions to make, you might feel like your house will never be truly yours. Here are 5 simple, budget-friendly, and unique items that give your home that perfect modern touch.

Invest in a microwave

Microwaves are incredible tools to use with other appliances in your kitchen. But sometimes coming home and cooking and enjoying a fresh meal is great in theory, but the reality can be a little closer to this:

There’s nothing wrong with relying more heavily on your microwave when you don’t have the energy to cook a full meal for yourself. Regardless of how much you might use it, a good microwave is worth the investment. 

For some quick and easy microwave meals, Tasty has you covered with these 7 Dorm-Friendly Microwave Meals

Treat yourself to a brand-new bed frame and mattress

One of the best ways to treat yourself in your new home is to invest in a comfortable bed frame and mattress. Your bed frame can make or break the overall look and feel of your bedroom. Some bed frames make the room feel cozier, while others add a bold and modern style. Your mattress certainly matters in terms of comfort, but your bed frame is the foundation of your bedroom from a design aspect. Bed frames also extend the life of your mattress by providing support and preventing weak, sagging spots. The Oversized Queen Pallet Bed is an affordable and handmade platform bed that offers uniqueness and has a modern and natural look. This bed frame is the perfect upgrade to bring a great aesthetic into your bedroom and home. It is the ideal size for those who are looking to leave behind their small twin size bed.

Cleaning supplies are a must!

The most overlooked thing when moving into a new house is the need for cleaning supplies. Many new homeowners focus on the furniture and appliances, completely disregarding cleaning supplies. A clean home is peace-of-mind. You shouldn’t have to worry about stains, spills, and mold from taking over your space. Find some cleaners that won’t break your budget, and you will be glad you have them ready to go in an accessible space.

Get a better night’s sleep with blackout curtains

Blackout curtains function like regular window coverings, but they are thicker and heavier than average, which allows them to block more sunlight from getting into your room. The best blackout curtains help create a darker, more immersive viewing area. They insulate the room and go a long way towards helping you sleep better. For the most part, these curtains are inexpensive, and some of the more high-quality ones can block up to 99% of light.

Organize with Baskets

Want to create an organization system for your new home that’s easy to maintain? Organizing with baskets is the smartest way to conquer clutter, have a place for everything, and get organized once and for all. Baskets come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. They are one of the best ways to store unused clothes, toys, or other miscellaneous items. It is also fun to match your baskets with the style of your home!

Finding a new home and making it yours is never an easy task, but hopefully, this list makes you feel prepared to stock up your new home with all the necessities. Furnish your new place well and make sure it has all the practical essentials and aesthetic elements that bring you a convenient and happy life after the relocation. So, whether you take your old household items with you or buy new ones for your new place, make sure you have everything you need for a new house.