Dr. Luxury or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Bedding

If time flies when you’re having fun, it must move at supersonic speeds when you’re miserable in quarantine. How else would you explain that it’s only a week until Christmas already?!

(At least I've got my tree up!)

Anyway, the Doctor of Luxury is in, and I wanted to talk about something too many people overlook: proper luxurious bedding. 

If you’ve ever gone to a big box store and purchased one of their bedding sets for $30 and called it “a great deal,” this post is for you. 

When you spend 1/3rd of your life in bed, is spending $30 at Walmart for an uncomfortable bedding set really that great of a bargain?

I get it. I was raised in an impoverished neighborhood, and those bedding sets were all my friends and family knew. 

The older I got, the less those sets got me by until I was in a position where I could afford to splurge and get the most comfortable bedding possible. 

But I didn’t know where to start. Entering Bed, Bath, and Beyond without the vocabulary to describe my exact bedding needs led to a lot of frustration very fast.

For instance- Pop Quiz: When is a blanket not a blanket? 

When it’s a comforter, coverlet, quilt, or throw. 

Instead of throwing in the towel and just buying whatever sets were available, I did the research and learned what each piece of bedding was meant for. With every part of the bedding puzzle I uncovered, the closer I got to reaching Bed Nirvana with my bed until finally…

(It's even comfier than you think.)

So today, I wanted to review the correct terms for bedding and give you the head-start on creating your own bed Nirvana. 


Sheets mostly break down into two categories:

Fitted Sheet

Top Sheet

A fitted sheet features elastic hemming and should fit snugly when placed on top of your mattress. 

A top sheet goes on top of your fitted sheet (surprise, surprise) and exists to provide an extra layer of warmth.


Bedspreads are mostly used as bed warming decor in the winter. Place a bedspread atop your made bed in the morning and enjoy how warm and comfortable your bed is when you slip under the covers later that night. 


A comforter is another bed covering, this one designed for cooler months. Usually plush filled with down or synthetic fill, these lightweight blankets provide extra warmth. 

Duvet cover

Duvet covers are your secret weapon to getting the most out of your comforters. When you put your comforter in a duvet cover, you’re not only protecting it from normal wear and tear. Duvet covers also protect your comforter from your washing and drying machines. When the time comes, wash your duvet cover, or even just replace the duvet cover and save your comforter. 


A coverlet is a quilted comforter designed to keep you warm in the colder months. Trading your standard comforter for a coverlet in the winter will keep you toasty warm. 


Funny enough, the term gets thrown around a lot, used to describe comforters, coverlets, quilts, and coverlets. Blanket is merely a term for additional fabric pieces to wrap yourself up in winter to keep warm.


Stitched together using a decorative pattern that resembles a grid, quilts are a homey way to stay warm in the winter. 


Highly versatile, pillowcases can help your pillows fit in with the rest of your bedding or stand out with prints and embroidery. 

Additionally, pillowcases, like duvet covers, help extend the life of your pillows by keeping them safe from normal wear and tear. 


Mostly used for décor, throws are smaller blankets that come in various fabrics and styles, like faux-fur or chunky-knit. 

Now that you’re equipped with bedding knowledge, you’re better suited to find the exact right bedding for you. But stay tuned because the next time the Doctor of Luxury is in, we’ll discuss what to look for when you’re shopping for bedding.

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