The Dangers of Reclaimed Pallet Wood

We love that pallet beds are a popular look – they go with lots of styles from bohemian to modern, and they’re both stylish and practical. However, traditional pallet furniture made from reclaimed pallet wood can actually be dangerous. Many people who want the pallet look may be unaware of the health risks coming from the very wood they sleep on.

Whether you’re starting a DIY project or purchasing completed furniture from a crafter, pallet wood has a whole life before it becomes furniture. Often, pallets are sitting on the floor of trucks, construction sites, or factories. They frequently come into contact with water, insects, mold, animal droppings, and more. Because the wood isn’t finished, it can absorb these contaminants.

Even more seriously, wooden pallets are often treated with harsh chemicals to make them more resistant to moisture and insects. When you bring recycled pallet wood into your home, you’re also bringing in these chemicals. Anywhere in your home, pallet furniture can circulate chemical fumes into the air, leading you and your family to inhale them over time. When you’re using the pallets for a bed, you’re coming into close contact with those fumes every night.

Many people who have purchased or made pallet beds also end up unhappy with the finish of the wood. Typically, recycled pallets have not been sanded down or finished, so the outer surface is rough. This makes it very easy to get splinters if you brush against the side of the pallet – certainly not what you want for a bed you need to get in and out of every day. Depending on the pallet, the wood may also not be completely straight and consistent. You could end up with an uneven platform, leading to uncomfortable spots and back pain.

Luckily, there is a safe option for people who love the pallet style:! We build pallets out of reclaimed cedar wood. It’s important to us to use reclaimed wood, making each bed eco-friendly, but without re-using hazardous materials. Cedar is also an excellent choice for bedroom furniture; it is naturally fragrant and repels insects such as moths.

Our pallet beds are constructed and finished by expert craftsmen. Each bed is sanded by hand and then finished in your choice of stain, ranging from natural cedar, to farmhouse-ready white, to deep espresso. The stain options let you customize your pallet bed to suite your unique style and décor. It’s also very important to us to complete each bed with a smooth, polished finish. You’ll never have to worry about splinters or finding a nail poking out. Especially if you have children or pets, you’ll appreciate the lack of worry.

Each pallet bed is shipped out in two or three parts, depending on whether you choose a platform style or want a headboard. You never have to assemble anything, only slide the pieces together. Finally, you can get a pallet bed without having to use so much as a screwdriver.

If you’ve been considering other kinds of pallet furniture, we also create beautiful pallet nightstands, side tables, coffee tables, and even pet beds. We want to make it possible for everyone who loves the pallet style to enjoy natural furniture without endangering their health. And we want our clients’ dogs and cats to be able to sleep in safety and style too! In the future, you can look out for even more kinds of pallet furniture from us.

And if you’re looking for some home décor inspiration, check out our Instagram! We love to feature pictures of how our customers have made a part of their homes. So far, we’ve been really inspired. Check it out if you’re looking for inspiration too. But warning – these cozy photos may make you want to nap!

But after all, that’s what a bed is for. With craftsmanship from, you can sleep stylishly and sleep safely.